Company Profile

Cuadra Instrumentation has been manufacturing surgical diathermies and physiotherapy equipments for more than two decades. It boasts of selling more than 1,000 surgical diathermy units and more 5,000 physiotherapy equipments. Cuadra’s focus has always been on innovation and quality. For example, Cuadra’s latest surgical diathermy model D450 has numerous features (power control through handswitch, resonance SMPS etc.) that are first time developed in India.

Cuadra Instrumentation is formed with vision of “Providing world class medical equipments at affordable prices so that the masses can get quality health care”. Towards this end, Precious Life and Delta Enterprises have entered into marketing arrangement with Cuadra Instrumentation to market their world-class surgical diathermy and physiotherapy products. leading professional supplier for Electro-Surgical Units. Cuadra Instrumentation depending on advance technologies have been dedicated in supplying Electro- Surgical Units for several years. Owing to our products designed in high quality are not only sold at a half price of the same class, but also composed of the finest performance equivalent to European and American Brands.

Precious Life Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mumbai and all over India