Surgical Diathermy D450 V

  • Tissue sensing technology.
  • Two monopolar outputs.
  • Endo cut i.e. pulsed cut for cutting polyps.
  • High-Cut mode for cutting fatty area with ease.
  • Various coag modes viz. Fulgurate, Soft, Force and Spray.
  • Power and Mode control through hand switch
  • Safety features like Patient Plate Contact Monitoring, HF leakage monitoring, Arc control, Auto Stop

D450 V is the fully-loaded surgical diathermy. It has been designed using high-speed micro-controller and latest software skills to meet the most demanding needs of the surgeon.D450 V uses Tissue Type Monitoring (TTM) technology and thus is able to provide consistent cut quality largely independent of cutting electrode, the cutting process and the tissue type. It comes with loads of safety features like patient plate monitoring, RF leakage monitoring, Arc Control, Auto Stop in coagulation, Auto Off after a timer is activated.

Highly programmable, one can personalize and store 10 Programs.And last and certainly not the least, you can control the power and modes through hand switch.


D450 V is suitable for all surgeries and is highly recommended for the demanding surgeries like laparoscopic surgeries, under-water surgeries and cardio-thoracic surgeries.