Physiotherapy Programmable IFT

IFT-2 and IFT-3 are advanced microprocessor based electrotherapy equipment. It has well defined LCD screen. It displays current in both chanels, program mode, and treatment time. This alphanumeric LCD display is backlit, which enable to see the display in daylight as well as in dark. IFT-2 has only interferrential therapy part. IFT-3 consists of both interferrential therapy as well as Muscle stimulator and TNS. IFT-3 we call it as VECTROSTIM.

Both units can be progammed through soft touch keys. The LED bargraph shows the movement of spectrum. There are total 29 programms in IFT-2. In IFT-3 there are total 29 IFT programms, and 75 Muscle stimulator programms. Also through help menu you can see all programms. Both models have vector facility. To avoid accidental wrong setting of intensity, we have implemented intelegent logic, which immediately warns to the operator and alphanumeric message is displayed on LCD screen.

Out put Number of output channels 2 3
Output current adjustable 0 -100 mA continuously Yes Yes
Output Frequency Chanel I 4000 Hz to 4250 depending on base and spectrum,Chanel II 4000 Hz (Constant) Selection is also provided to avail 2000 Hz as basic frequency. Yes Yes
Interference Base 0 to 100Hz Yes Yes
Frequency Specrum 0 TO 150 Hz
Spectrum indicator indicator Front panel Red bar graph Yes Yes
Vector Scanning provided Yes Yes
Muscle Programms - 75
Mains Supply AC 50 Hz 150 - 220 V -
Power Consumption 50 W 50 W
Dimension (W X H X D) 115 X 272 X 405 50 W
Weight Approximately 3.8 Kg