Physiotherapy Equipments

Programmable IFT

IFT-2 and IFT-3 are advance microprocessor based electrotherapy equipment. It has well defined LCD screen. It displays current in both chanels, programme mode and treatment time. IFT-2 has only interferential therapy part. IFT-3 consists of both interferential therapy as well as muscle stimulator and TNS. IFT-3 we call it as VECTROSTIM.

Manual IFT

IFT-1 is designed using solid state technology. It has three therapy modes i.e. 2 pole, 4 pole and 4 pole vector. It is designed to offer spectrum programs such as Rectangular, Trapezodial and Linear. The carrier frequency is 2KHz and 4 KHz. SMPS power supply allows you to operate the equipment at low voltages also.


Microstim-2 is advance microprocessor based electrotherapy equipment. It gives 75 programs for muscle stimulation and TNS wave forms. As diagnostic stimulator, therapeutic muscle stimulator and TNS are combined in single unit it gives relief to physiotherapist from carrying three different instruments. SMPS power supply allows to use the equipment on 110VAC TO 264V A mains supply.

Ultrasound Therapy Unit

Digital solidstate ultrasound therapy unit has unique features. Output power is controlled by high speed microcontroller. The timer and power meter are digital. The power setting and timer setting can be done using feather touch buttons. Buzzer sound at the end of treatment.