Physiotherapy MICROSTIM

This is an advanced microprocessor based electro therapy equipment. It gives 75 programs for muscle stimulation and TENS wave forms. It has well defined LCD display, which displays timer figures, current, program number and name of program. As diagnostic stimulator, therapeutic muscle stimulator and TNS are combined in single unit it gives relief to physiotherapist from carrying three different instruments. Also this unit is 4 microprocessor controlled which delivers precise current waveform. Due to latest technology, it's size has reduced to 50 % of conventional equipments. This unit has inbuilt intensity checking facility. It always checks the intensity knob position at the beginning of treatment. if intensity knob is not at zero position, then it will give warning on display and will not give any output current till the knob is brought at zero position. This feature avoids sudden shocks to patient. As all programs are stored in memory, just by entering program number and time you can start the treatment. After set time period is over, the unit will disconnect the output current and will give alarm.

Parameters Values
No. of Programs 75
Intensity 0-99mA continuously adjustable.
Current Display on LCD Displays continuously the peak value of current intensity
Timer display on LCD 0 to 99 minutes presettable timer. At the end of treatment time the intensity is decreased automatically to zero and Sounds an audio alarm.
Alarm The buzzer alarms when the intensity control is not at zero during the start on the treatment and the massage is displayed in the LCD screen "INTENSITY NOT AT ZERO”
Selection of Program Using a user friendly menu oriented instructions and selections through LCD and compact feather touch key board
Operating Voltage 150 - 260 V 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 220 x 80 x 160 mm
Weight 0.7 Kg Approximately