Physiotherapy Digital Ultrasound

Digital solidstate ultrasound therapy unit manufactured by us has unique features. Outout power is controlled by high speed microcontroller. The timer and power meter are fully digital.The power setting and time setting is fully controlled by feather touch push buttons.

Parameters Values
Power Consumption 30 VA
Ultrasonic Frequency 1MHz
Output Power Continuous Mode 21 W Pulsed Mode 21 W Peak
Power Setting By feather touch push buttons
Power Display Two Digits (Seven Segment LED)
Output Modes Continuous and Pulsed
Timer 15 Minutes Digital (Two Digits)
Timer setting By feather touch push buttons
Treatment Ending Buzzer sounds at the end of treatment time
Mains Voltage 220-240V AC 50 Hz
Dimensions (DxWxH) 210 x 250 x 95 mm
Weight 5 Kg Approximately