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Cuadra Medical Technology Pvt Ltd (formerly known as "Cuadra Instrumentation"), an ISO 13485:2016 certified company, has been manufacturing surgical diathermies equipments for more than three decades. Cuadra believes in applying technology for better clinical outcomes.

Cuadra’s focus has always been on innovation and quality. There are numerous features in Cuadra products that are first time developed in India. Intense focus and stringent processes have led to reliability of Cuadra products much better than the industry average.

Deep experience in research & development, state-of-art infrastructure and close interactions with leading practitioners has resulted in Cuadra products giving superior clinical outcomes. Leading surgeons vouch for Cuadra’s product quality.

Cuadra and Precious Life have entered into marketing arrangement to market Cuadra’s world-class surgical diathermy products. Cuadra has large install base in India, which are supported by dealers across India.


Cuadra - ISO Certification