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Cuadra Launches Wireless Footswitch

Admin | 15 Jun 2021Total Views : 2075
Cuadra Launches Wireless Footswitch

Surgeon convenience reaches the next level

Cuadra Medical Technology Pvt Ltd launched a wireless footswitch option for its Epsilon and Zeta Series. A typical Operation Theatre has many gadgets, each with its mess of wires. A footswitch without wires ensures that it does not add to the mess, but rather gives convenience to the surgery team. In many cases, during the surgery, the surgeon needs to change his or her position across the OT table. In such cases, moving wireless footswitch is as easy as it can be.

Cuadra wireless footswitch used Bluetooth technology and has a range of more than 10 feet. As soon as the machine powers on, the footswitch is established communication with the machine automatically. The battery management ensures that the footswitch will work for more than 6 months without replacing the batteries. Upgrade of existing machines is possible. The existing customers can contact their dealer and place an order to them for a wireless footswitch.